Latest Intel Dual Xeon 40 CPU Servers with 128GB RAM, NVMe Drives and powered by CloudLinux and LiteSpeed, we have upto 9 times faster website loading times than our competition.


Our Premium Hosting Plans use LiteSpeed web servers that offer up to 300% faster website Loading Speeds than with Apache. LiteSpeed servers run stable even with traffic spikes or DDoS attacks.

Better Control

With Full Cpanel access, we don’t limit your options. Software Installation and access to direct server metrics for your site, as well as backend options to optimize and boost the SEO stats.

24/7 Technical Support

With a rotating team of staff trained in Billing, Sales and Technical. You can feel comfortable using SmartR hosting.

Global CDN

With almost 200 locations worldwide, your website will be not only fully accessible but fast, with direct access to Cloudflares Content Delivery Network.