you're here
because we noticed you

Very soon we will be launching MySecretMe (MSM), a powerful new Adult Content Creator website.

And we would love for you to be one of the creators

MSM Features

What to expect from your platform

Beautifully clean creator page interface

With a smooth design allowing for easy navigation and control.

  • Available in Light & Dark Mode
  • Designed to be perfectly viewable on all screens, with planned iOS and Android Apps

All your account settings at your fingertips

As a content creator, you need access to all your settings in a fast but functional way and with MSM you get that.

  • Secure wallet included with 256bit encryption
  • FULL control over everything with your account on every device

We believe in the power of community

we never want to be to 'corporate' for our creators

Keep MORE of YOUR earnings.

Because our system involves a lot fewer people and thus lower overheads. Coupled with the addition that we run our own servers. This means we can afford to keep our commissions lower than the others. We would also like to run promotions to offer periods of extremely low commissions for a reward???


Standard Site Commission

Compare this with,
OnlyFans = 20% fixed.
JustFans = 20% fixed

We will cap ours at 15% and also offer the chance to have it even lower with promotions.


For 2021

Starting with this promotion, for 2021 our site commission will be reduced to 10% No Catches, it's lowered to help with onboarding and to give people a taste of the better life.



It's free to join, so come check us out.